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Over to you for the hard work

There are many things that you can do to help your pet that is displaying behavioural problems. The point is that it is you that has to help them and this takes persistence, patience and desire to really want to sort out the problem.

Sometimes clients ask, can I sort it out for them and the general answer is no! or unless you want to pay me to visit every day and teach you daily how to change your pets behaviour.

There are no quick fixes out there contrary to some television programmes leading us to believe so. Neither does sending your dog off to someone else to train them and why would you send them to someone where you have no idea of what is going on behind your back. From experience I have had clients where they have spend thousands of pounds with the original issue coming back within weeks or them returning. Ultimately it is still you that has to be responsible for their behaviour and be able to put in the time in with them.

There is nothing more frustrating than seeing a pet stagnate. This is not the poor animals fault and sometimes it can be a miss match of the type of dog you have chosen but not doing anything about it is a really sad situation. Animals can be such a positive addition to your life and just because you are having a blip of behaviour doesn't mean that you can't improve the situation, you just need to put some good old fashioned hard work in. Harsh as it sounds this the reality and if putting the work in is not for you then considering other options for your dog may be the best action.

Always try to set manageable goals on a daily basis

Give your self and your dog a day off a week

Short frequent sessions are better than longer more difficult ones

Make sure you are relaxed for training, tension sends the wrong message

Set your self up for success, this is going to help you keeping at it

Make sure you have your dogs favourite food

Make sure you have your dogs favourite toy

Give them your undivided or your attention, no phone out on training walks, unless you are videoing for a review of training

End a session on a high, don't push until they are worn out or over full

Make sure you have a network of supportive people to help encourage you or give you time out.

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