Vet referral

Dogs are cats need to be referred from their vets to assess if there is an underlying medical cause for the behaviour. This also allows me to make an informed decision regarding behaviour modification plans and how any medical condition or medication may affect the pets behaviour.

I require a referral form to be completed and signed by your vet please and a copy of the full clinical history to be emailed prior to seeing the client. Please note the clinical history must show that you have seen the vet for this particular issue.

Behaviour problems may arise both directly and indirectly as a result of concurrent or previous medical problems. Veterinary involvement is therefore essential in eliminating organic causes of the problem and prioritising the diagnostic and treatment strategy to be used in any given case. In order to safeguard the welfare of your patient and indicate your approval of referral please complete the following form.

Vets can either complete the link below


Online vet form

Or the paper version here

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