Dogs are great companions that can enable us to have active and social lifestyles.


However, this is not always the case. If you feel that your dog is behaving in a way you find challenging then there is usually a way to modify their behaviour to find a better solution. 


Does your dog display any of the following?


  • Aggression towards people or other dogs/animals

  • House soiling

  • Separation anxiety

  • Cognitive dysfunction

  • Anxiety

  • Vet phobia

  • Aggression with being handled/grooming

  • Anti-social behaviours such as barking

  • Coprophagia also known as consuming faeces

How the process works

Step 1, Initial contact

As a Clinical Animal Behaviourist I require direct referral from your veterinary surgeon. This means completing some paperwork and agreeing to sharing your dogs clinical history, all easy to do via my vet page. A health check may be needed if your pet has not been seen in the last months or so. This is to ensure that your pet is healthy and to rule out any medical issues that may be contributing to behaviour problems. If your pet is suffering from any medical issues I will take this into account when designing a behaviour plan. 

Step 2, Booking

You will then be offered to make an appointment and complete some paperwork prior to the consultation. Payment will be needed at this stage to confirm your booking.

Step 3, Behaviour consultation


This is a home visit that lasts approximately 2 hours. We will discuss the problem in detail, specifically why the problem started and how it is being maintained. We will then design a plan to modify your pets behaviour and start to implement this during my visit.

Step 4, Aftercare

You will be sent a report reiterating what we discussed during the consultation, your vet will also be sent a summary report. You will receive 2 months support via phone or email, to ensure you are getting along with the plan and give you support during this period. Please note, it is the clients responsibility to book the follow up phone call and be available at the agreed contact time. 

The price includes :

  • Contact with your vet

  • Assessing medical records and questionnaire 

  • 2 hour home visit

  • Tailor made behaviour plan

  • Summary plan to your vet

  • Invoice for your insurance company and contact if you are making a claim

  • Support with phone or email contact for 2 month


This package is £300, follow on visits are charged at £60 and follow on calls are £15 for 30 mins. Please be aware that for more complex cases you are likely to need more visits and longer support. ​​


Please note, some behaviour problems may require you to have a block of time available to start implementing the behaviour plan. This ensures that you can focus on making the most of your time to really work on changing your dogs behaviour.  There are no quick fixes for changing behaviour but ensuring you are consistent calm and focused during your sessions with your dog will get you there in the end. 

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