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Living in harmony or hell?

With many people working from home and deciding to add another pet to your home has lead to many enquiries about integrating pets. Of course I only hear about the integration's that have gone wrong and most now having a segregated household.

Whether is cats mixing with cats, dogs with dogs or mixed species the common theme is that it tends to get rushed, normally as everyone is excited and keen for their pets to get along. Sadly there is no firm time frame on how long it takes to introduce a new pet to an existing one. This really comes down to the personalities of your pets and how much time THEY need. Can you imagine how you would react if your parents/friends/partner decided to move someone in without asking you and that someone was going to share your bed, sit on your spot on the sofa oh and you don know how to communicate with them because you don't understand their body language or language. That's how bewildering or scared pets can feel......without being anthropomorphic, its about stranger danger

Good news is that bringing a pet into your home can be a positive addition if you have matched the personalities and taken the process slowly. If you are struggling with integrating your pets then give me a shout, or if you are thinking of getting a pet then I can also help with this too ;-) x

Some products that may be helpful for integrating cats are the Feliway pheromones

And for dogs


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