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New year....whats new?

So the new year has begun! along with this comes the thought of what will be around the corner....

What would you like to change with the pressure of the 'Resolutions'. I think its a load of old nonsense and far too much pressure to put in yourself during one of the most miserable months of the year, Pah!!!

But as January is such a rotten month what can we do with our pets to make it more enjoyable? and that doesn't involve spending too much money.

The easiest thing you can do is just spend more quality time with your dogs. December can be such a crazy month for some people and you may not have been at home as much or maybe home was a busy or crowded place. Let January be your time for really relaxing and spending time with your pet. The weather will normally be horrid so walks can be cold and wet neither of which make us feel like spending hours bumbling around the countryside, unless that is something you absolutely love, me I'll happily walk out in those conditions for an hour but after than I want to get home dry off and get cosy. So what can we do with our dogs when its a bit miserable.

Well for started save all that wrapping paper from Christmas and use it to make enrichment games for your dog, might as well give it another use than going straight in the bin. So wrap up their toys, treats and turn finding them and unwrapping into a fun game. Dogs love to rip stuff up and even if you shred the paper put in in a cardboard box and throw a small hand full of kibble can turns into a lucky dip game, yes it can get messy but its so much fun for them to do. You can hide toys or balls in wrapped box for them to find. These activities keep them so much busier than having old toys lying around.

Encouraging dogs using their nose to find toys or treats, teach them find it games, 20 mins of sniffing and searching is equivalent to an hours physical exercise. Now this isn't something to replace walks but it stops them from getting bored on those days where you don't walk so far in the lashing rain.

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