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It's all about sniffing

When we have hot days its not always possible to give our dogs the exercise they need without them over heating or getting sun stroke.

Some of us may choose to walk our four legged friends early in the morning or later at night but that is a long time for our dogs to wait for something interesting to happen with their day. So why not try to create an interesting environment for them at home by setting some scent trails.

When a dog has some puzzle solving tasks using their nose to sniff something out this can be as enriching as going for a walk.

If you have outdoor space then you can set a sniff trail in the garden using small treats or cream cheese that you can smear in specific areas. If possible use a range of heights to hide tasty snacks so they look at different levels and not just on the floor. Also think about using plant pots to hide snacks underneath.

If you do not have outside space then you can do the same at home, think about hiding treats in old cereal boxes or even wrap them up in newspaper or cardboard so dogs can find and rip them up as part of the fun of finding something.

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