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Terms and Conditions

By making a booking you acknowledge that you have read, understood and fully accept the terms and conditions that underpin all engagements taken on by Claire Francis T/A Problem Pet Solutions:



  • Confirmation of your booking will confirm payment requirements, date and time details, and provide other important information that must be adhered to on the day of your visit.

  • It is your responsibility to ensure you are available on the correct date, time and place for the consultation according to the information provided by Problem Pet Solutions.

  • First-aid emergency behavioural advice will be provided if necessary, upon booking. Additional telephone or email support prior to the visit will be charged at Problem Pet Solutions’ discretion.


Consultation Attendance:

  • All family members who are involved with the day-to- day care and training of the pet are encouraged to attend the consultation.

  • Every effort is made to ensure the safety of both clients and pets during consultations. By making a booking you are accepting that participating in an activity with animals poses a risk of injury to yourself and your pet, and you agree to indemnify Problem Pet Solutions for all personal injury and damage to property owned by you whilst attending the consultation. You agree to make any person who accompanies you to the consultation aware that they attend at their own risk.

  • Problem Pet Solutions has public liability and general insurance suitable for dog training and behaviour consultations. You remain responsible for your pet throughout the consultation and when applying any recommended behavioural or training techniques. You are advised to seek adequate pet or household insurance cover for liability in the unlikely event of damage or injury caused by your pet to property or to a third party.

Training Environment and Equipment:

  • Use of the following items will be prohibited during a training session with Problem Pet Solutions and continued use entitles Problem Pet Solutions to withdraw the offer of further sessions:

    • choke chains/check chains of any description;

    • electronic training collars including anti- bark/citronella;

    • any collar that tightens

    • prong or pinch collars;

    • any equipment that Problem Pet Solutions deems uncomfortable or painful to the dog.

  • The use of physical force and punishment-based training techniques are not condoned during Problem Pet Solutions consultations.


Behaviour Modification & Training:

  • Working with animals can be unpredictable and as such no behaviour plan comes with 100% guarantees. Problem Pet Solutions provides advice and training techniques that are considered, from research and personal experience, to benefit your pet.

  • Instructions provided in advance or during the consultation are for the safety of the owners/handlers of the pet, the behavioural practitioner, and the pet itself. Problem Pet Solutions reserves the right to leave the consultation immediately with no refund for the session if these instructions have not been carried out, since they put the safety of all concerned in jeopardy.


Fees, Prices and pre-payment:

  • Price agreed at the time of booking applies.

  • A prepayment equal to 100% of the total cost, made by bank transfer, is required on receipt of your pro forma invoice please.


Refunds and Cancellations:

  • If an appointment is cancelled with less than 7 working days’ notice, the full payment will be retained and cannot be used towards a further appointment. 

  • If cancellation is prior to 7 days of the visit then an administration fee will be retained. 

  • If there is an emergency or other unavoidable reason for postponing, rather than cancelling, an initial behaviour consultation with less than 5 days’ notice, then the payment can be held over to the next appointment at the discretion of Claire Francis, Owner.

  • Refunds are not available.

  • Cancellations must be acknowledged by Problem Pet Solutions.

  • Consultations may be subject to cancellation by Problem Pet Solutions due to illness. Should this occur, the option of re-booking or a full refund will be offered. Problem Pet Solutions will provide as much notice as possible in these situations.




  • From time to time we may ask your permission to photograph or video your pet for commercial purposes such as leaflets, on our website or Facebook page, and for research and teaching purposes. 

  • All use will be anonymous, other than your pet’s name.

Telephone consultations:

  • Advice given is based only on the information that is provided to Problem Pet Solutions. We therefore are unable to accept any liability for unwanted outcomes from the application of our suggested behavioural techniques.

  • All relevant information requested should be given, as well as video footage if applicable, in order for Problem Pet Solutions to provide the most appropriate behavioural advice.

  • Where a home visit is deemed necessary in addition to the telephone consult, it will be offered by Problem Pet Solutions for clients in Sussex, or alternate behaviourists details provided if outside of this area.


Reports & follow up:

  • Reports will be sent within 1 week of the initial consultation.

  • Emails and phone calls aim to be replied to within 3 working days.

  • T&Cs apply to all follow up sessions.

  • Follow-up sessions for dogs may be essential for progress to occur – these are charged at an additional rate.

  • It is the client’s responsibility to arrange communication with Problem pet solutions, you will not be chased for feedback.

  • The client is responsible for changing the pet’s behaviour through the information given, failure to implement the plan will result in little or no change, of which, Problem Pet Solutions bears no responsibility.

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