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The hardest decision you will have to make for your pet

As our pets come towards the latter years something that starts to creep into our minds is when will I know the right time to let them go.

This doesn't necessary come when our pets get old, sadly some of our young ones get diseases that end their life sooner than we would like. Adding to this some of the sad behaviour cases that just are not able to cope with life. These cases are often multifactorial and never are any of these situation easy to make a call on.

No matter what your situation is make sure you have people to talk to, friends, family, support groups, yes these are out there specifically for dealing with pet loss! Get as much knowledge about your pets condition to help you know what may be going on and the path that disease may look like. If its a behavioural problem, also know that you have tried all avenues to help your pet overcome their problem.

The other thing is accepting that you are going to feel pretty shitty when it does happen, this is normal. Our pets will always be in our minds and that wont change. The grieving process is different for everyone and heartbreak is part of it. You are not alone in making these tough decisions and sadly it comes with all the joy that being a pet owner brings.

The Blue Cross have a pet bereavement and loss helpline, see link here Blue Cross Pet Bereavement Support Service | Pet Loss

Another link that helps to track your pets quality of life is here HowDoIKnowWhen.pdf (


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