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Kitty Khazi's

Talking about toilets!

Our gorgeous indoor cats need a place to spend a penny or two, so how do we get this right?

Really we need to think about what we want from our own toilet experience and transfer this for our feline friends, somewhere private, comfortable and clean springs to mind. As you all will know, using public toilets can be a mixed experience but all the more relaxing if the above is provided.

Private, where might you locate a tray to provide privacy. Think about avoiding areas where there is any 'traffic', so avoid areas close to walk ways and think more about locating a tray in the corner of a quiet room.

Comfortable, do you feel more comfortable walking bear foot on a sandy or stony beach? Which feels more nicer to dig in? Yes sandy hits the mark every-time. So go for a fine sandy or granule textured litter. Harder litters are uncomfortable for a cat to stand in and dig. Arthritic cats may find this texture far to difficult to deal with and may stop entering the tray all together. Also what is the optimum tray size, well its has to be a lot bigger than most of the commercial trays on sale. The cat needs to be able to turn around comfortable and not have parts of his or her body hanging out the sides. Some garden seed trays can be a good alternative.

Clean, no one wants to go to a dirty toilet do they! make sure you clean the tray of excrement at least twice a day. Cats are fastidiously clean and will not want to go and dig or stand in a litter tray that has be soiled. If you have more than one cat you will need to provide one for each cat and an additional one for every 2 cats. So if you have 2 cats you need 3 trays, 3 cats 5 trays.

Making your cats toilet experience a pleasant one will reduce that chances of them toileting elsewhere in the home so well worth putting the effort in.

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