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Cystitis Awareness

Now that Spring is coming are you thinking of letting your cats into the garden? Here in the City we have a dense urban cat population that can sometimes cause problems with cats trying to find their own territories. Here are some awareness tips for all cat owners to make your cat's homes and territories a bit more comfortable.

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Do you have a cat that has suffered from cystitis or a blocked bladder?

  • Make sure they are being fed a diet that supports urinary problems.

  • If bladder protectant medications have been suggested make sure you continue the course of treatment.

  • Ensure your cat drinks lots of fresh water - water fountains can tempt cats to drink more than from the bowl.

  • Re-think where you are keeping food and water resources and litter trays.

  • Pheromone therapy can help create a better sense of claim in the home.

  • Make sure you have a microchip cat flap so only your cat can enter your home

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